I'm Vesna

I have a passion for Art

and a keen eye for detail.

About me

After completing my education at the Fine Arts School with a degree in Graphic Design, I had the opportunity to showcase my work at exhibitions in Japan, Morocco, and the Czech Republic.

Subsequently, I pursued studies in languages and marketing at the Technical University in Timisoara, Romania. My professional journey has seen me excel in various roles, from PR Manager to Project Manager and Director of Marketing.

In 2004, my passion for arts and painting reignited, leading me to rediscover the joy of creating. Since then, I have found immense fulfillment in expressing my creativity through art.


Dark shine
Silent hope-1

Here are the colors of the mind.

An inkblot of sorts.

Spilled out in a puddle across a canvas...

So undefined...

But then,

What are the colors of the mind?


Orchid flowers3

In the world of art, a canvas of glee,

Where happiness blooms, wild and free.

Different themes

Lord of All1
Lord of all det2
The Beauty That Has Come

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